Meet the Team

Fabio Fiorentino – Co-Founder

Fabio ‘The Italian’ Fiorentino, Is a Founding Member of the 40 Below Gaming group. Fabio has been playing 40k since 2002. He saw some guys playing it in the art room of his old high school over the lunch hours and has not stopped since. After his hiatus during college his love for conversions and game play brought him back into the hobby and has been collecting and converting for tournament play ever since.

Fabio really enjoys the tournament scene; he really enjoys the challenge that tournament play brings to the hobby as well as meeting other gamers that share in that same passion. Fabio also enjoys traveling for tournaments he has been to and participated over 15 tournaments in the U.S as well as traveled within Canada to participate in a half a dozen more. Over the past few years Fabio has taken a step back from participating in as many events as he use to and has found a new passion in hosting events, running tournaments and the challenges they bring.

Fabio’s main army is his Necrons. Having accumulated over 10,000 points of the little metal robots they are his “gateway drug” to the 41st millennium.

Scott B – Co-Founder

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Canadian Wes – UK Chapter Master

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Kyle P. – Resident Rules Lawyer

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David Gordon – League Slave Driver


Producer Josh – Production Hivemind

Producer Josh is in charge of the Media offerings from 40BG. He brings years of experience, an iron adherence to deadlines, and a frightening sangfroid to the team.

Scott N. – Infinity Guru

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Scott C. – Infinity Guru

Started the hobby with a passion for the LOTR battle strategy game back in 2004. Discovered Corvus Belli’s Infinity game in 2014 and has been collecting miniatures and helping to expand our community ever since. Always down to play some Infinity or LOTR/Hobbit miniature games!

Matt K. – Production Guru

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Rory T – Canadian Critters Creative Director

Herding cats my friends…. Herding cats.

Kate – Administration

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Robert Jones – Age of Sigmar

Started playing October of 2016.

I had always been drawn to the idea of Fantasy Warhammer. Been an avid RTS PC gamer and felt it was time I carry my passion for lore, story, and strategy over to the table top. I started with Age of Sigmar as it was fresh and played IronJawz. Ruthless close combat was my game and I loved it.

As I grew to enjoy the game more I carried over to Tau for 40k, but my true Warhammer passion is playing Age of Sigmar fantasy.

Currently I play Seraphon and love any chance I get to meet new opponents and learn other armies play styles.

Dan Huen

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Steve R.

Steve Rayner has been involved with warhammer since 1990. He worked at games workshop Vancouver in 1994. He took a 15 year break from the hobby but in 2010 he came back to the 41st millennium with a vengeance!

He has multiple armies and loves the background and universe of this game. Currently building up his Imperial armies. He thinks working on a Tyranids army could be in his not too distant future. He brings a pragmatic, no nonsense attitude to the podcast. He is enthusiastic and loves to see this hobby growing!

Brenden Chrustie first started the hobby back in 2003 when he first saw Warhammer 40k in a local mall. Since then he has collected a variety of armies but always comes back to his first two of Imperial Guard and Black Templars. He has also dipped into LOTR Strategy battle game and Age of Sigmar. An avid player, he has been involved with everything from narrative leagues to competitve tournaments and enjoys watching the growth of the hobby in all its aspects.

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