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40 Below Gaming updates several times a week with the latest tabletop news and information. With two weekly podcasts, monthly batreps, reviews, news, and more, you’ll have everything you need to know for our next tournament, league, or Open Game Day.

~ Producer Josh ~

The Dusty Auspex
Is Winnipeg’s 40K podcast and has been around since 2014 and has now become a staple of 40BG since its creation. While the podcast has been evolving over the years the approach has remained constant; casual, loose, comical, current and interactive with the viewers. We also use the Dusty Auspex to do our live draws for tournament table assignments for upcoming tournaments as well as bring on guest speakers, book authors such as David Annandale, and even special guests like Fefe to give their insight, thoughts, and share their love for different aspects of the hobby. Hopefully in time we will have multiple crews shooting weekly and talking about other tabletop games.

The Canadian Critters
Is Winnipeg’s Infinity podcast was started towards the end of 2017 by a local gamer named Rory and has been consistently getting great feedback! Even though this venture is relatively new to 40BG we know that that pooling our resources, having a great community and Rory steering the ship we hope to have Battle Reports and a Great Podcast coming in 2018!