Warbands of vile xenos militants and Chaos vermin have fled with the secret of the Blade of Infinity. But there are still treasures to be had, and knowledge to be gained, in the wreckage of one of the Imperium’s greatest lost legends.

Now, some months later, new glory-seekers descend upon Sycorax. The righteous, the profane, the unknowable, and the simply curious all look to the ruins of the Blade of Infinity for their next chance at seizing power.

Will you be the one to pry the future from the failures of the past? To redeem your predecessors? Or will you fail, and become buried beneath the Warp-touched dusts of time, recorded only in the footnotes of an Imperial servitor some decades hence?

It is time to listen to the echoes of Eternity.



Echoes of Eternity is a four-month campaign for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, presented by 40 Below Gaming and GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff. Each month, players will compete in custom 100-pt. Kill Team missions for a chance at honour, glory, and an ultimate prize.

Each player will be required to play a minimum of one Echoes of Eternity mission per month against an opponent currently in the league and submit their score. There are no painting requirements, and proxies are allowed if your opponent permits—this is a league all about letting players try Kill Team for the first time and experiment!

In order to know what is happening and stay up to date, please make sure to check back here regularly. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook page or join our public Discord for all information and updates!




March 15th to April 14th—Mission 1, HIGH-VALUE TARGETS
April 15th to May 14th—Mission 2, FINDERS KEEPERS
May 15th to June 14th—Mission 3, SHELL GAME
June 15th to July 14th—Mission 4, NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS

Winners will be announced in August.


Register for the 2019 Kill Team League SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the next one!

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