Happy Monday Everyone!

 I, Fabio, am here to give you guys a review on the Westman Gaming Expo, specifically focusing on the 40K portion that took place over this past weekend!

Now I had not planned on participating in it, and was actually set up to head down with Scotty B. and the Majestic AF Kate to stream a game from all three rounds of the event. But a week ago Brenden PM’ed me asking if I was going and if I had a partner / wanted to play. Well, after speaking with Scott I would not really be contributing all too much from behind the scenes of the stream as I don’t really know that side of things, so I agreed to partner with Brenden!


So during the week leading up to the event, Brenden and I attempted to discuss strategy and what we thought would perform well.

The large hiccup in our discussion was that despite the new Necron codex being out, we did not know if I’d be able to use it. One of the rules in Brandon is that in order for a codex to be viable in any upcoming event, at least one FAQ must be released prior to that event. So I had a few index lists and three codex lists ready in the event the FAQ came out prior to the start of the tournament.

Unfortunately it did not, so I wound up going back to the index for one final attempt at making something positive come from what is quite a bland index.

The list I ended up taking was extremely Wraith-heavy. At first glance you’d think it was what it was throughout 7th, which is part of the reason I took it. I knew Brenden was going to be doing most of the heavy lifting as he had an actual codex with stratagems, traits, etc etc. So my role was to screen, tie things up, grab objectives, and most importantly distract.

Now the Wraiths were the easiest unit to achieve all these objectives with, and only having 1,000 points to work with I did not have the luxury of having a specific unit for each role. As I mentioned earlier, most people still think Wraiths are still as potent as they were in 7th when in actuality they are quite the opposite. Are they tough? Yes. Are they fast? Yes. Do they have the same killing power? Absolutely not. So by taking almost 700 points of Wraiths I would be putting our team quite behind the 8-Ball when it came to killing power, but what I lacked in killing poqer I compensated for in staying power, mobility, and functionality.

Brenden and I both agreed that given the meta out in Brandon, our game plan should fare pretty well. So we locked in our lists and went with it.

(Team “Transformers” – Westman Gaming Expo – 2018)

(Team: Transformers Army Lists)

Brenden, Scott, Kate, and myself drove out on Friday, as 40 Below Gaming had been asked to stream the event and we wanted to get there early to allow time for set up and testing to ensure everything would run smoothly on Saturday. We did have a few minor “hiccups”, but nothing Scotty B. aka Scooter (it will catch on!) couldn’t handle.

(Setting up the Canopy where all the cameras get mounted)

Fast-forward through Montana’s for dinner, encountering the craziest moose, Pam with a silent B, and some interesting exotic dancers and it’s time for the good stuff… GAME DAY!!!!


So I am not going to go through each game in this write-up, as it’s more about the event, outcome, and things like that.

What I will say is we did have three excellent games and three great opponents which is always great! The gaming group in Brandon as a whole is something to take a moment and shine some light on. These ladies and gents are pretty stand-up! This is not the first time I have gone out there for an event and it will certainly not be my last. I strongly encourage others from Winnipeg and the surrounding areas to get out to Brandon when they can and roll some dice with these guys (yes, even Jason 😉)! They are also pretty good at drinking adult beverages, so if you can hang around after your games and grab a couple with them and it makes the experience all the better!

Brenden and I managed to get Best Overall at the event. We did not see the complete breakdown, but I understand that we were the only team to go 3-0 and take 35 of a possible 39 battle points! There was also a painting aspect to this event that was factored in, so I am assuming we did alright there as well!

Final Standings:

57pts – Transformers
45pts – Traitors’ Buffet
41pts – Rosie O’Donnell
39pts – FUD
37pts – Shadows of Baal
36pts – The Good Guys
36pts – Da Emperor’s Greenest
35pts – Astra-dar
33pts – Plague Mechanicus
33pts – 2 Kool 2 Kare
26pts – Insert clever name
25pts – Sarah McLachlan’s “On the Wings of an Angel”
24pts – The Ringer
20pts – Thoudar

The Stream

If anyone didn’t get the opportunity to see the stream be sure to follow us:

As far as views to date, here is what Facebook is telling me:

  • Total views across all three streamed games = 6,200 people
  • Total reached across all three streamed games = 17,882 people

(This does not include Twitch.)

We even got into the Brandon Sun, which was very cool!

Players compete Saturday in a Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game that’s broadcast online during the Westman Gaming Expo at the Keystone Centre in Brandon. (Ian Froese/The Brandon Sun)



The Venue

(View of the 40K area only)

So the event was held at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, MB. The event was a two-day event featuring a number of different games (listed above in the first image).

The event space was excellent! Very spacious for all games, as far as I could see. The layout was great, and the lighting, parking, and everything else clearly showed some thought was put into it. The hotel that the event had discounted pricing on was pretty decent as well.

The Tournament

Overall the event from my perspective went off quite well! Homer did a stand-up job keeping everyone in line (sorry you couldn’t assemble all the terrain you had planned!). The event stuck to the schedule which was great! The plaques were beautiful and I am happy to say I was able to walk away with one!

The tables were also great. Ample LoS-blocking terrain, lots of space around the tables to move around without fear of bumping other players, great lighting in the space, and each table’s terrain and mat gave each game a unique battlefield narrative.

Closing Remarks

Thank you to everyone from Brandon that helped put the event on! I had an absolute blast not only during the games but also just hanging out and chatting / having drinks with the guys! I know there were a few things that you guys area already looking to change / address for next year but thats the way events go and hopefully people appreciate the effort, time, and energy you guys devoted to this!

I know I’ll be back next year one way or another, and hopefully we at 40BG can stream the event for you guys again!

Thanks again!