40 Below Gaming provides a number of table top events for the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas annually. However we do appreciate that booking time off, asking the wives permission, allocating funds, making travel plans, among many other things need to be done. So in order to accomodate for these variables we offer four(4) signature events annually that we provide dates and locations for on January first of the year in which they will be occuring. We hope by doing this we give the overwhelming majority of players the ability to plan well in advance and to make their planning a little less stressful! For more information on each event we encourage everyone to click the images above!

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The Plains of War (PoW) is a two day, five game tournament geared a little more towards the competitive player base in Winnipeg and surrounding provinces / states and is apart of the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC). The first Plains of War tournament took place in 2016 and has been a huge success here in Winnipeg. The event is hosted in the beautiful Holiday Inn by the airport and has sold out every year since its inception; this event brings class, comfort and style to a game that demands the best of each. PoW has bee a 40-player event for the past three years but as of 2019 we will officially be aiming to be a “Major” event which means attendance for 2019 will be bumped up to over 60 players!

Next Event Date: June 1st & 2nd 2019
Tickets go on sale: February 20th, 2019
Location: Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport – Polo Park

Schedule - 2019

Warhammer 4000

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The Twin Eagles Tournament (TE) has been running since 2014 and has now been apart of the 40 Below Gaming lineup in 2017. This is a doubles event, which is structured to award players for not only their Generalship on the table top but also their abilities with a paintbrush and their ability to demonstrate what a great opponent should be. This event has been selling out annually and extremely fast! This event takes place at the Central Canadian Comic Convention (aka C4) every year, which brings in an average of 50,000 attendees, a quarter of which have, on average, received exposure to our event each year.

Next Event Date: TBD
Tickets go on sale: TBD
Event Location: TBD


Warhammer 4000

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The 40 Below Expo has been part of the 40 Below Gaming “Organized Play” lineup for several years now and has been a huge success! This event hosts multiple games and as our tabletop community grows we hope to see more clubs and gaming groups join in on the unique event.

Next Event Date: TBD of 2019
Tickets go on sale: TBD
Venue: TBD

2019 40BX Schedule - (TBD)

Warhammer 4000 - 2019

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Infinity - 2019

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The Highlander RT has taken place now for several years and has been under 40BG since its inception. The Highlander RT is a small 1v1 style regional tournament that has sold out each year it has been put on with this past event over selling by 8 slots! The Highlander RT is a unique event that only allows non duplicates unit entries to be used unless specified. This event is certainly geared to be a more casual event as it certainly puts more limitations on the toys allowed within the participant’s armies.

Next Event Date: March 30th of 2019
Tickets go on sale: January 6th, 2019
Location: 426 Osborne St, Winnipeg MB R3L 2A3


Warhammer 4000

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Bunker Busters are very simple 40K and AoS events held every month while alternating systems (a tentative schedule is posted below to better illustrate how we will be alternating systems). Starting in November of 2018 40BG will host their first ever Age of Sigmar Bunker Buster and their first 40K Bunker Buster following that in December, 2018. GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff here in Winnipeg, MB has graciously provided 40BG with the space to accommodate 16 player events once each and every month on top of the open gaming held at their location each and every Friday!

The primary purpose of these events are to encourage players to come out, meet other players in the community, give players an excuse to work on their painting, better their rules knowledge, and just have some fun rolling dice.

Rules and Expectations for these events are lower than our premier events as we use these as a “stepping stone” to get players familiarized with rules and other facets of the hobby.


Schedule at a glance:
November 2018: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points) – Complete
December 2018: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points) – Complete
January 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
February 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
March 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
April 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
May 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
June 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
July 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
Augst 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
September 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
October 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
November 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
December 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)

*Subject to change*

40K Bunker Buster

40K - Rules

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AoS Bunker Buster

AoS - Rules

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**All 40BG Event(s) Disclaimer**
Because 40BG’s annual budget is based off of event ticket sales it makes it hard for us to reimburse people at the last minute as funds are typically spent on venues, awards, player packages, and prizes. 40BG will refund 100% of the ticket amount provided that it is over thirty(30) days from the event date. 40BG will provide a 50% refund up to fifteen(15) days prior to event date provided that the ticket has been re-sold before that events start date. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!