Bunker Busters

Bunker Busters are very simple 40K and AoS events held every month while alternating systems (a tentative schedule is posted below to better illustrate how we will be alternating systems). Starting in November of 2018 40BG will host their first ever Age of Sigmar Bunker Buster and their first 40K Bunker Buster following that in December, 2018. GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff here in Winnipeg, MB has graciously provided 40BG with the space to accommodate 16 player events once each and every month on top of the open gaming held at their location each and every Friday!

The primary purpose of these events are to encourage players to come out, meet other players in the community, give players an excuse to work on their painting, better their rules knowledge, and just have some fun rolling dice.

Rules and Expectations for these events are lower than our premier events as we use these as a “stepping stone” to get players familiarized with rules and other facets of the hobby.

In order to know what is happening and stay up to date, please make sure to check back here regularly. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook page or join our public Discord for all information and updates!



Schedule at a glance:
November 2018: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points) – Complete
December 2018: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points) – Complete
January 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points) – Complete
February 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points) Complete
March 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points) Complete
April 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
May 2019: Warhammer 40k (2,000 points)
June 2019: Age of Sigmar (2,000 points)
July 2019: Warhammer 40k Doubles ( 1,000 points per teammate)
August 2019: Warhammer 40k Doubles ( 1,000 points per teammate)
September 2019: None
October 2019: Warcry
November 2019: AoS
November 2019: 40K
December 2019: Kill Team
*Subject to change*


October 12th - Warcry

40K Event Rules

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November 9th - Age of Sigmar

AoS - Rules

Register for the November 9th Age of Sigmar RTT!

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December (date tbd) - Kill Team

Kill Team Rules

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Bunker Buster Sign Up Sheets
**All 40BG Event(s) Disclaimer**
Because 40BG’s annual budget is based off of event ticket sales it makes it hard for us to reimburse people at the last minute as funds are typically spent on venues, awards, player packages, and prizes. 40BG will refund 100% of the ticket amount provided that it is over thirty(30) days from the event date. 40BG will provide a 50% refund up to fifteen(15) days prior to event date provided that the ticket has been re-sold before that events start date. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!