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40 Below Gaming or 40BG is a collaboration of ideas, thoughts, concepts, and experience from a group of volunteer gamers and organizers in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Over the past several years what began as several smaller ventures such as tournaments and open gaming nights has evolved into four tournaments held annually, open gaming held twice a month, a podcast with three seasons under its belt, multiple leagues taking place annually and some amazing sponsors that allow us to continually grow the table top gaming community here in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

40BG provides something for everyone we believe our strength lies within how flexible and inclusive we are to the tabletop community. While continuing to stand behind our “5 Golden Rules of Tabletop Gaming” we offer events that are competitive in nature for those who wish to bring out the “big toys”, we offer more casual events that allow for a more laid back atmosphere, we offer open gaming which allows players to bring out toys that may have been just assembled or ‘stand in’ models to play test and get a feel for what units do before the larger tournaments, we also offer league play to allow newer players to meet other gamers within the community, as well as several Facebook pages which allow players to show off their terrain and model painting skill, discuss back story, units tactical abilities and bring up questions that may arise during game play or while reading through a new codex.

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Here is just a preview of some events in actions over the past year! 40 Below Gaming’s team works hard behind the scenes and with the community to continually grow in order to provide the gamers with the best possible experience! For more event photos we encourage you to check out our facebook page where albums from all past events are filled with photos that illustrate what sort of gaming experience 40BG is able to provide!

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